The MAZAL Resume Template Design

The MAZAL resume template design is a professional and modern resume template . The design is clean and easy to edit . The template can be used for any profession and will last for very long time.

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♣ This is a 3 page resume template pack in Microsoft word suitable for Pc use . ♣ The template is easy to customize and edit to your taste. ♣ This template will make your resume or cv obvious and remarkable by standing out from other resume /cv. ♣ It’s best to keep resume /cv to two pages only as employers /recruiters may have so many to go through. ▬ C O N T E N T S OF THE TEMPLATE PACK ▬ ► 1 ZIP File with the following files: ♦ 3 page resume template in .docx format ♦ 1 page resume .docx format ♦ 1 page references .docx format ♦ 1 page resume cover letter .docx format ♦ Fonts folder ♦ 1 text file with instructions on how to install the fonts and edit template ♦ 1 PDF file for FAQ ▬ HOW IT WORKS (Downloading the Template) ▬ ♦ After order is placed and payment made you will receive a download link to download the files which will be in WinZip format . ♦ Once the files have been extracted using WinZip please read the text file instructions on how to install the fonts and edit template. ▬ R E Q U I R E M E N T S TO EDIT THE RESUME TEMPLATE ▬ ♦ A copy of Microsoft office word to view and edit template ♦ You can download a trial version from → ♦ WinZip to extract the files to your computer ♦ You can download Trial version from → ▬ I M P O R T A N T – PLEASE READ ▬ ♦ Please note as this is a digital product orders are non-refundable once files are downloaded. ▬ COPYRIGHT NOTICE ▬  ♦ All designs and originals are copyrighted to ©resumetemplatesdesigns  ♦The Designs are for personal use only and may not be resold reproduced or redistributed .